Fishmonger Price Tickets (Laser Cut and Branded)

£3.95 - £4.55

Our unique product display labels / price tickets will take your ice display to the next level!

Laser engraved with your brand, product name, currency symbol, weight etc. our labels are practical and professional.

Designed with the help of a local Fishmonger, our engraved labels address the issue of grubby looking white labels where the ink smudges off quickly.

Our labels are 1.5mm thick and we have many colour combinations to match your brand. Made by us in the UK, we work with you to create a bespoke design, meaning the labels are correctly sized for your requirements.

Supplied with an ice shaft or ticket holder depending on your display requirements.

Once you place an order we will contact you to develop your bespoke design.

Or use the contact form to get in touch before you order.